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Nick and I worked together at Hospira and I always appreciated our interactions. Nick is a rare individual who has a combination of tremendous intellectual depth and business practicality. I would recommend Nick for any role where systems need to be designed or remediated. He has a vast command of quality improvement techniques and working in regulated industries like pharmaceuticals and medical devices. When others around are swayed by emotions and "tyranny of the urgent," Nick Dayton makes decisions based on the data and what is best for a company in the long term.
Steve Hellstrom
Global Quality Assurance Director at Hollister Incorporated

Nick is a person of outstanding character with the highest degree of integrity. His diplomacy and professionalism is always to be respected. He's simply one of the most intelligent and ethical people I've worked with in my career. I would be remiss if I didn't also commend his excellent Quality knowledge and understanding of all the regulations. He is a great asset to any organization and always a valued team member.
Cynthia Culmo
Principal Consultant at Culmo Compliance Consulting dba CC Consulting

I met Nick when he spoke at a conference and knew right off that he's very intelligent, a psychologist with a lot of practical business experience. Get to know Dr. Dayton and you also realize that under his calm surface is a very driven and innovative strengths-based improvement professional and a relentless problem solver.
Lew Draden, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant, Owner at Draden Diagnostics, LLC

Nick is a seasoned executive that has strong leadership skills and technical skills. He is a change agent that built a culture of continuous improvement. His has always delivered on-time, on-budget with high quality work.
Martin Van Trieste
Accomplished Quality Executive

Nick has outstanding six sigma skills and is an excellent teacher. He has process engineering down to an exact science. He is detail oriented and has excellent communications skills. Nick is highly intelligent. He gets along with people well.
Patrick DeGrace
Director of Customer Care at Hospira Worldwide Inc

I worked with Nick as a peer in Quality. As Medical Director I was very involved in handling on-market quality issues and setting quality specifications for on-market and new products together with Nick. He was wonderful to work with. Nick always found a balanced solution that addressed the business and compliance needs.
Luc Van Hove
Chief Officer Medical, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at Biocartis, Mechelen